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Grandview Apartments

600 Altamont St • Marquette, MI 49855

Roofing Project Details

We are proud to have completed the Grandview Apartments roofing project in Marquette.

Type: Flat Roof

Year Installed: 2016

Approximate Square Footage: 17,300

Insulation: R-20

Roof System: 50 Mil Charcoal Grey Mechanically Fastened 20 Year NDL Warranty

General Contractor: Wolverine Building Group-Grand Rapids, MI

Architect: Barry J. Polzin-Marquette, MI

In 2016, Nasi Roofing undertook a transformative metal roof retrofit project at Grandview Apartments, nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Marquette, MI. The project, spanning an expansive 17,300 square feet, aimed to not only enhance the structural integrity of the building but also to elevate its aesthetic appeal.

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