Commercial Roofing Contractors in Chippewa Falls

Mason Companies

1326 Commerce Pkwy • Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Roofing Project Details

We are proud to have completed the Mason Companies roofing project in Chippewa Falls.

Type: Flat Roof

Year Installed: 2022

Approximate Square Footage: 477,200

Insulation: R-30 Insulation System

Roof System: 50 Mil White Mechanically Fastened Duro-Tuff 20 NDL Year Warranty

Marvel at the sheer scale and expertise showcased in Nasi Roofing's completion of the Mason Companies roof in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Completed with precision, this colossal project spans an impressive 477,200 square feet, featuring a striking white Duro-Last roof. Nasi Roofing's commitment to durability and excellence is evident in every detail of this expansive roofing endeavor. The Duro-Last solution, renowned for its resilience and longevity, ensures lasting protection against the elements. As you behold the seamless integration of the white Duro-Last roof, envision a testament to Nasi Roofing's prowess, transforming Mason Companies into a beacon of architectural strength and aesthetic appeal in Chippewa Falls, WI.

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