Commercial Roofing Contractors
in Madison, WI

Nasi Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor in Madison, Wisconsin, performing quality and professional work since 1983. We install and replace commercial and flat roofs throughout Wisconsin and Michigan. We have extensive experience in installing over 2,000 flat roofs, totaling over 10 million square feet of membrane and invaluable levels of customer satisfaction!

We are also trusted installers of Duro-Last roofing products, which are uniquely designed and different from other single-ply roofs. Duro-Last roofs are prefabricated to reduce seams by up to 85 percent and will fit like a glove over the roof of commercial buildings. They may also never need repairing when properly installed. Should the need for a repair arise, though, Nasi Roofing has the extensive knowledge and experience of Duro-Last roofing systems.

Because we are authorized contractors of Duro-Last products, you can keep the Duro-Last warranty intact by letting us complete the repair. Not all PVC roofing responds equally well to chemical solvents or heat seaming, so repairs must be performed carefully. The right tools, the correct thickness of repair material in mil, and the proper Duro-Last training are required in order to deliver quality results. We are proud to be Duro-Last commercial roofing contractors in Madison, WI, and we are consistently listed among the top Duro-Last contractors in the nation.

The Midwest is known for its variety of changing weather conditions, so you need a roof that can hold up to all types of inclement weather. Duro-Last has over three decades of expertise in installing premium-quality PVC roof systems with billions of square feet of durable membrane on commercial roofs throughout the US.

Our company also offers the flexibility to work with your schedule without interruption. Our roofing crew is dedicated to fully ensuring your roofing project is completed on-time and within budget.

As expert commercial roofing contractors in Madison, Wisconsin, we inspect every job our roofing company completes, followed by an inspection performed by a Duro-Last quality assurance technical representative before we issue your roofing warranty.

Duro-Last Roof Maintenance Guide

Duro-Last Warranty Requirements

You should review your roof regularly, but in years 10, 15, 20 and 25 your roof must be inspected by Duro-Last. Your roof must be inspected by Duro-Last two years prior to your warranty expiration.

Duro-Last Roof Warranty Requirements