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Since 1983, Nasi Roofing Company has been providing Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with leading roof solutions and services.

Our premier team of roofing contractors offers Hurley, WI, unmatched roofing installations and repairs to create reliable, sustainable, and affordable commercial structures for the businesses and people who depend on them. We are the most trusted source for award-winning Duro-Last roofing materials and selections, and your satisfaction is guaranteed from initial contact through project completion.

We provide Hurley roofing installations and repairs with the assurance needed to maintain the viability and integrity of all roofing demands. Our Duro-Last solutions include a seamless, one-of-a-kind installation, guaranteeing reduced or eliminated repair demands in the future. Busy commercial buildings and businesses rely on fewer maintenance demands for time and budget-saving purposes. And with our techniques, highly skilled contractors, and four decades of extensive experience, you can rest assured knowing the roof’s integrity and everyone underneath it are safe, secure, and provided for. Our team of reputable roofing contractors in Hurley, WI, carries the skills, industry insight, and commitment to excellence you deserve. Nasi Roofing Company boasts the area’s most advanced craftsmen and knowledge, ensuring your roofing repairs and installations include the quality and affordability your commercial building structure depends on. After initial installation of your reputable Duro-Last roofing solutions, call Nasi Roofing for any roof repairs in Hurley, regardless of size and nature. This valuable partnership ensures your warranty remains intact and your services remain reliable and affordable.

Our Hurley office extends its service area to encompass both Ashland and Ironwood, allowing us to bring you complete roofing solutions. Should you require roof maintenance or repairs, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to address any roofing concerns you may have.

Flexible, Comprehensive Approach

We created a flexible and comprehensive approach to our craft, and this paves the path for each company, client, and partnership alike to receive on-time, in-budget roofing services. Whether you need a minor repair or a full roof installation on new or existing construction, Nasi Roofing Company offers the most respected roofing contractors to Hurley, WI, and the surrounding area.

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