Commercial Roofing Contractors in Eagle River

Hahn Printing

752 N Adams Rd • Eagle River, WI 54521

Roofing Project Details

We are proud to have completed the Hahn Printing roofing project in Eagle River.

Type: Flat Roof

Year Installed: 2008 and 2020

Approximate Square Footage: 14,000 and 11,000

Insulation: EPS fillers between the metal ribs and 1/2” fan fold Insulation

Roof System: 40 Mil White Mechanically Fastened Duro-Last 15 Year NDL Warranty

In the picturesque town of Eagle River, Wisconsin, Nasi Roofing undertook a transformative roofing project for Hahn Printing in 2020. This 25,000 square feet endeavor not only addressed the structural needs of the facility but also embraced cutting-edge roofing technology for enhanced durability and longevity.

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