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CG Bretting Manufacturing Company

3401 Lake Park Rd • Ashland, WI 54806

Roofing Project Details

We are proud to have completed the CG Bretting Manufacturing Company roofing project in Ashland.

Type: Metal Roof Retrofit

Year Installed: 2001, 2016, and 2021

Approximate Square Footage: 278,000

Insulation: Duro-Blue Slip Sheet

Roof System: 50 Mil White Mechanically Fastened Duro-Last 15 Year NDL Warranty

Several Flat Roofs & Metal Roof Retrofits were completed at CG Bretting Manufacturing Company, between 2001 - 2021 by Nasi Roofing. This stands as an exemplary project that combines cutting-edge roofing technology with expertise in commercial roofing solutions. This retrofit covered a vast area of 278,000 square feet and utilized a 50 Mil White Mechanically Fastened Duro-Last roofing system, boasting a 15-year No-Dollar-Limit (NDL) warranty, paired with Duro-Blue Slip Sheet insulation.

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