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Kuss Filtration

2200 20th Ave • Bloomer, WI 54724

Roofing Project Details

The flat roofing project for Kuss Filtration consisted of the following.

Year Installed: 2013-2015-2016

Approximate Square Footage: 93600

Insulation: EPS Flute Fillers and 1/2" Duro-Guard Fan Fold Insulation

Roof System: 40 Mil White Mechanically Fastened 15 Year NDL Warranty

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I want you to know your crew is awesome. Very nice group of guys, very professional. Every time I checked on the work being done, I was greeted by name and they were always working safe. They kept their work area and the ground tidy. Even though it was exceptionally windy, I couldn't find debris on the ground from the roof project. It has been a pleasure working with your company from start to finish.

Calvin —