Top 3 Factors To Consider When Replacing a Commercial Roof

Top 3 Factors To Consider When Replacing a Commercial Roof

When your commercial roof’s repairs start increasing in cost and frequency, it could be time to schedule a replacement. However, replacing your business’s roof is much more involved than scheduling repairs. Here are some of the biggest factors to consider when replacing a commercial roof. These key points will help you get the most out of your commercial roof investment.

What Roof Structure You’re Working With

The type of roof is the first thing you should consider when designing a new roof or replacing an old one. Does your commercial building have a flat roof, or is it sloped? The structure of your building will influence the type of roofing that works best. For example, flat roofs usually do best with a single-ply system, while contractors often use shingles or metal components for sloped roof models. Depending on your structure, you could also be eligible for certain high-quality construction materials, such as Duro-Last roofing and more.

What Type of Roofing Materials To Use

The next thing to consider is what type of materials to use. Of course, cost will factor into each material, but it’s also important to consider which material will last longest and complement your roof structure. You could consider using similar materials to the original roof or upgrading to ensure the material lasts longer. This helps the replacement roof design improve on the original. Always ask your roofing contractor for advice on which materials to use going forward, as they’ll have the most insight into what works best for your commercial roof. A professional contractor will also be able to tell you why your original roofing failed and how you can improve on the design with your replacement.

Conditions That Could Impact the Roof

Finally, before finalizing your replacement roof design, consider the conditions it will be subject to. Things like precipitation, UV exposure, wind, and wildfire risks can impact your choice of roofing. For example, it could have been weather-related damage that led to the need for a roof replacement in the first place. Consider how you can reinforce the roof in the future to protect against weather and other outdoor conditions that are common in your area.

These are the three most important factors to consider when replacing your commercial roof. Whether you’re looking for commercial roof repair services or full replacement jobs, you can find all the services you need at Nasi Roofing. Our experts can help you consider the factors that come with replacement to help you choose the best style, design, and roofing materials for your building upgrades.